‘Tenet’ Hits $350M Globally While ‘Let Him Go’ Takes Top Spot at the Domestic BO!!

Focus Features is calling Let Him Go‘s opening weekend at $4.1M after a Saturday that was up 6% over Friday with $1.56M. Sunday is being figured at $1.07M.


Talking about how the specialty label released an older adult skewing (66% over 35) feature in the pandemic marketplace, leaning toward women 52%; demos which have been seen as reluctant to head back to the cinema, Focus Distribution Boss Lisa Bunnell tells Deadline this morning, “There are moviegoers who want to go back to theaters. If you don’t offer them a film, if you don’t give people the opportunity to see a movie, you’ll never know if they’ll go back or not.” Bunnell also adds, “We’re just trying to keep theaters going.”

In an earlier note sent out to press, Bunnell beamed about the specialty label’s B.O. notch of having two movies open back-to-back at the weekend B.O. at No. 1, last weekend being Amblin’s Come Play, “We’re thrilled to have our second film open at No.1 in back-to-back weekends and equally excited to see audiences coming back to theaters to watch the caliber of storytelling from Kevin, Diane and Lesley on the big screen.”

The Costner-Lane crime thriller based on Larry Watson’s bestselling novel grossed prominently this past weekend in the South and the West with Focus reporting that the pic’s top DMAs were Dallas (5.5% of weekend B.O.), Phoenix (3.8%), Houston (3.4%), Los Angeles/Orange County (3.1%), Salt Lake City (2.4%), Austin, San Francisco, New York (each 1.8%), San Antonio and Sacramento (both at 1.7% each). In sum, Texas has handled theatrical re-openings well, sparking business overall for pics at the box office. It’s not a ton of business, but at least it’s a pulse. Typically it’s the suburbs seeing more moviegoing than the actual city itself (i.e. outlying areas of Dallas). “People want to get out and do things,” added Bunnell.

The top gross for Let Him Go was the Five Drive-In in Toronto, Canada with $12,6K.  The best hardtop theater for the Thomas Bezucha directed and written feature was the Palladium in San Antonio with close to 10K in the second spot.

The Let Him Go trailer launched on the season finale of Costner’s Yellowstone series on Aug. 23. Focus was also running it on Tenet during its opening weekend over Labor Day. To date, the trailer has yielded 26.6M view. Focus placed an early TV spot during NBC’s Joe Biden Town Hall on Oct. 5, with spots also running on college football, FX’s Fargo, AMC’s Fear of the Walking Dead, and targeted drama/thriller/arthouse fans on digital.

Indicative that families, another demo that studios shied away from during the pandemic, yearn to get out of the house and head to the movies, is 101 StudiosThe War With Grandpa which in its fifth weekend is 19% with $1.5M in its 5th weekend with $13.5M. Sources say this sleeper could make its way to $30M at the domestic box office, which would be marvelous in this environment. Since theaters re-openings in late August that would ultimately be the second-best domestic gross during the pandemic After Tenet‘s current $55.1M and ahead of New Mutants’ current $23.5M and Unhinged‘s $20.8M.

Dino will deep-dive into the indie box office later this morning, but of note, Vertical Entertainment had The Informer, one of the films left over from the distressed Aviron which we told you about earlier this year, with that film label’s founder William Sadleir arrested by Feds back in May for a $1.7M COVID-19 scam. The crime thriller, directed by Andrea di Stefano, and starring Joel Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Common, and Ana de Armas follows an ex-convict working undercover, who intentionally gets himself incarcerated again in order to infiltrate the mob at a maximum security prison. The pic dropped on both VOD and theaters, earning $143K in the latter at 283 locations. I hear that 75% of the pic’s locations generated a location average under $100. Pic’s Rotten Tomatoes score was 62% fresh.

There was also Faith Media’s Jamal Hill-directed True to the Game 2 popping in the chart which stars Vivica A. Fox. The thriller follows a NYC journalist, who after her friend’s death, becomes the target of a criminal looking to collect on a debt. The movie didn’t do much. Pic was booked in 63 markets at 257 locations with halfway decent runs in Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta and Philly.

Weekend Box Office Top 10:

  1. Let Him Go (Foc) 2,454  theaters, 3-day: $4.1M/Wk 1
  2. Come Play (Foc) 2,213 (+30) theaters, 3-day: $1.7M (-45%), Total: $5.6M/Wk 2
  3. War With Grandpa (101) 2,348 (-17) theaters, 3-day: $1.5M (+19%), Total: $13.4M/Wk 5
  4. Honest Thief (Open) 2,217 (-143) theaters, 3-day: $1.1M (-15%), Total: $11.2M/Wk 5
  5. Tenet (WB) 1,412 (-189) theaters, 3-day: $905K (-2%), Total: $55.1M/Wk 11
  6. Toy Story (Dis, re) 2,102 theaters, 3-day: $505K, total: $223M/Wk 1 of re-release
  7. The Empty Man (20th/Dis) 1,243 (-808) theaters, 3-day $277K (-52%), Total: $2.7M/Wk 3
  8. True to the Game 2 (Faith Media) 247 theaters, 3-day: $270K/Wk 1
  9. Spell (Par) 368 theaters (-1) 3-day: $150K (-27%), Total: $405K/Wk 2
  10. The New Mutants (20th/Dis) 327 (-225) theaters, 3-day $110K (-26%), Total: $23.5M/Wk 11


via Deadline

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