‘Ambulance’: Jake Gyllenhaal in Talks to Star in Michael Bay’s Remake of Danish Thriller!!

Much like the bus from Speed or even the boat from Speed 2: Cruise Control, Michael Bay simply cannot be stopped. Hot off of producing a pandemic thriller during an actual pandemic like an absolute madman, Bay is reportedly putting together another action extravaganza with Jake Gyllenhaal in talks to star. According to Deadline, the film—reportedly a remake of the 2005 Danish thriller Ambulance—has a script from TV writer Chris Fedak, and Bay is apparently fast-tracking the project as his next directorial effort. The problem, at this juncture, is a lack of a distribution deal, although some reports have noted that Universal is the project’s most likely home.

The only plot details to be found in the latest reports is that Ambulance will be “in the vein of the great action thrillers of the 90s like Speed and Bay’s Bad Boys,” a shocking blow to anyone hoping Michael Bay might tackle a quiet period drama. The original Danish film, directed by Laurits Munch-Peterson, is a one-location thrill ride set in a single ambulance and following four characters in real-time.

It sounds like an exciting project, a one-location piece of Bayhem with noted whacko Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead, possibly bringing some of that Nightcrawler energy. Unfortunately, you also have to remember that Bay’s last directorial effort, Netflix’s 6 Underground, is a flaming hot garbage-mess, in which not even the charismatic efforts of Ryan Reynolds can explain what is happening in any given scene. But hey, maybe returning to his late-90s Bad Boys roots will spark something in Bay.



via Collider

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