Judd Apatow to Direct Netflix’s Star-Studded Hollywood Quarantine Comedy!!

This Is Really the End should be the title of Judd Apatow‘s new movie, which the director will make for Netflix according to Deadline.

The comedy will follow a group of actors who are forced to quarantine together at a hotel in order to finish shooting the movie they’re making. There aren’t any actors attached yet, but Apatow is meeting with potential cast members in the coming weeks as he aims to build a diverse ensemble of comic talent.

I’m sure we’re all imagining Apatow regulars such as Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel, but rather than the usual gang, I’d love to see the director mix and match some standout performers from his 25-plus-year filmography, as well as highlight some rising stars. Imagine The Cable Guy‘s Jim Carrey paired with The King of Staten Island‘s Marisa Tomei, or Girls creator Lena Dunham finding love with McLovin’. Bring back LeBron! Cast Benito Skinner! This could actually be a lot of fun, so here’s hoping Apatow and co-writer Pam Brady (South Park) have an actual story to compliment this tragicomic scenario.

Apatow will produce the untitled film, while his longtime collaborator Barry Mendel will serve as an executive producer. Apatow has directed all of his films for Universal up until now, but this one is especially timely, and seeing as it’s unclear what the theatrical business will look like a year from now, it just made sense to make this one for Netflix, which offered to finance and fast-track the film right now despite the ongoing uncertainty stemming from the pandemic. Of course, it helped that Apatow had a prior relationship with the streamer as the co-creator and executive producer of its Paul RustGillan Jacobs series Love.

Apatow most recently directed The King of Staten Island for Universal, which was forced to release the film on PVOD this summer after movie theaters closed around the world. The pandemic is certainly no laughing matter, but if anyone can mine laughs from the pain, it’s Apatow.


via Collider

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