‘Dexter’: Showtime’s Revival Has Found Its Director!!

To say I’m excited for Showtime‘s 10-episode revival of Dexter would be a major understatement, as it’s one of my most anticipated TV events of next year. Not only are Michael C. Hall and longtime showrunner Clyde Phillips coming back, but now, so is director Marcos Siega.

Siega directed nine episodes of the original series and he’s returning to direct six of the 10 new episodes, which will take place a decade after Dexter Morgan disappeared and became a lumberjack to live a life of solitude. The revival is expected to find our favorite serial killer living under an assumed name far from the palm trees of Miami.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of Siega‘s return, adding that he’ll also executive produce alongside Phillips and Hall, as well as John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro and Scott Reynolds. Production is slated to start early next year, with Showtime expected to release the revival next fall.

Siega‘s TV credits include The CW‘s Batwoman pilot, HBO‘s True Blood, and Kevin Bacon‘s gory genre series The Following, and he also worked on the new HBO Max series The Flight Attendant starring Kaley Cuoco. Siega also has several feature credits to his name, including his impressive 2005 debut Pretty Persuasion starring Evan Rachel Wood.

I understand that this Dexter revival won’t undo the terrible series finale, but it is a relief to know that Hall‘s signature character will get a second chance at a proper sendoff. The character simply deserves that much. I’m eager to see who shows up from Dexter’s past, but so long as we get the same glorious title sequence, or a new one in the same spirit, I know I’ll be happy, as I’ve missed that wonderfully creepy score.


via Collider

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