Channing Tatum, Phil Lord and Chris Miller Working on a Universal Monster Movie!!

Channing Tatum and his 21 Jump Street collaborators Phil Lord and Chris Miller are reportedly re-teaming for an under-wraps monster movie at Universal, and quite frankly if it’s not about a Frankenstein’s Monster who is super good at hip-hop dancing let’s scrap it right now. (Would also accept The Mummy XXL.) According to Deadline, Midway writer Wes Tooke is handling the script, based on a story idea and treatment from Magic Mike producer Reid Carolin.

The unnerving seduction of Dracula, the animalistic id of The Wolf Man, the incel energy of Frankenstein’s monster. It’s all there.

Universal has had recent success with modern-day updates of its classic monsters, in a partnership with the horror maestros at Blumhouse. Earlier this year, Saw writer Leigh Whannell introduced a new take on The Invisible Man, starring Oliver Jackson-Cohen as the title mad scientist across from Elisabeth Moss. Whannell is already signed up to tackle The Wolf Man remake starring Ryan Gosling, while The Invitation filmmaker Karyn Kusama will handle a new Dracula movie.

via Collider

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