‘The Ogun’: Anthony Mackie to Star in Netflix’s African Action Thriller!!

In case you haven’t noticed, Netflix likes Anthony Mackie. The actor has already starred in two Netflix series as well as two Netflix movies, with two more on the way. Which is great. Nobody loves AnthonyMackie more than me. But that’s only because the Netflix algorithm is not a person. It’s code. See, the Netflix algorithm is the new king of tastemakers, and it has determined that The People like Anthony Mackie — being in the most popular movie of all time will do that for ya — so AnthonyMackie is who the Netflix algorithm will bring them. Does that make AnthonyMackie‘s omnipresence on Netflix a self-fulfilling prophecy? I suppose so. Which brings me to Mackie‘s new movie, The Ogun.

That’s the title of the Avengers: Endgame star’s latest action thriller, which he’ll produce for Netflix alongside Jason Michael Berman. The duo previously teamed on Netflix‘s 2019 sci-fi drama IO, which paired Mackie with Margaret Qualley, while Berman also produced Burning Sands and The Last Days of American Crime for the streamer.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, describing the project as being in the vein of “John Wick crossed with Dante’s Inferno.” There’s no director attached yet, but apparently, former stuntman Madison Turner (The Dark Knight Rises) wrote the script. THR notes that he’s currently rewriting the script for Kill or Be Killed, based on the Ed Brubaker comic, which is one of the few comics I’ve actually read, and it was awesome. I’m looking forward to that project, and The Ogun sounds like it just may be its rival in terms of its violence.

via Collider

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