‘Titans’ Season 3: First Look Reveals Starfire’s New Supersuit!! Check It Out!!

After the splendid costume reveal of Red Hood a month ago, we now have a new first look at another superhero joining Season 3 of Titans, that HBO Max DC superhero joint — and this is the first time the character has ever been portrayed in a live-action setting. Starfire, aka Kory Anders (as played by Anna Diop), will join the fold in Season 3, and the first fiery, purpley, and oddly Lakers-reminiscent images of her look are below.

The comic book character Starfire originally appeared in 1980, and has also appeared in the Teen Titans animated series on Cartoon Network as played by Hynden Walch. Starfire, aka Koriand’r, is canonically an intergalactic princess who feuds with her sister over rule of their planet, and is subsequently exiled to Earth, where she finds the Teen Titans and begins saving the dang day. Diop has been playing her Earth identity as Kory Anders on Titans for some time now, and based on how fierce and majestic she looks in this jewel-encrusted, colorful piece of armored suit (designed by LJ Shannon), she is ready to start starfiring all over the place.

Producers on Titans include Greg Berlanti (the Arrow-verse), Geoff Johns (just about everything DC), Akiva Goldsman (Batman & Robin), Greg Walker (Extant), and Sarah Schechter (Black Lightning). Will their depiction of Starfire live up to fan expectations? And when can we see other previously announced Titans Season 3 characters like Scarecrow and Barbara Gordon? Only time can tell.

via Collider

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