‘Terminator: Dark Fate 2’: Mackenzie Davis Says Sequel Would Have Explored an Alternate Timeline!!

Despite the fact that Terminator: Dark Fate was built as a fresh start for the Terminator franchise, it does not appear as though a sequel is happening anytime soon – but there was a plan for one. The 2019 film brought back Linda Hamilton for the first time since T2 and boasted a story by James Cameron himself, and the film was actually pretty good! Alas, while reviews were mixed-positive, the film “only” grossed $261.1 million worldwide – not quite the Marvel-sized blockbuster Paramount was hoping would breathe fresh life into the series.But now star Mackenzie Davis is shedding some light on what could have been. The Happiest Season star played Grace in Dark Fate, an enhanced super soldier from the future who goes back in time to protect a woman named Daniella (Natalia Reyes), who is fated to become a John Connor-like hero in the future fight against the machines. By the end of Dark Fate SPOILER ALERT Davis’ character Grace dies in an act of self-sacrifice, but the actress revealed on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via JoBlo) that she was slated to return in a Terminator: Dark Fate sequel. How? Alternate timelines, of course:“It was gonna be a sort of timeline thing, where there’d be another timeline that you’d explore. Like, there’s no resurrection, but she came from the future, so…”

Back in 2019, JamesCameron revealed that when he broke the story for Dark Fate, he and the filmmakers also broke the story for a whole new trilogy. Of course, that’s exactly what happened with the last reboot Terminator: Genisys – the filmmakers had a new trilogy plan, but the first film bombed at the box office and that trilogy was scrapped.

But I would definitely have watched more Terminator movies with Davis at the center. I thought Dark Fate was the best Terminator sequel since T2 and worked surprisingly well. It became clear doing press that director Tim Miller wasn’t exactly itching to return for a sequel, as the Deadpool revealed he and Cameron butted heads quite a bit. But this definitely felt like a franchise that could have benefitted from a new director had this “alternate timeline” sequel happened.

Alas, it doesn’t appear as though that’s going to happen now. So I suppose we’ll just wait a couple years until Paramount reboots Terminator again with yet another “fresh start” and promises of a new trilogy. Maybe someday it’ll stick.


via Collider

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