‘Alien’: Noah Hawley, Ridley Scott Working on TV Series for FX!!

On FX, no one can hear you scream? We’ll see! Today, during Disney‘s much-hyped investor call, FX head honcho John Landgraf announced that a series set in the world of the Alien movies is on the way, with Legion creator Noah Hawley at the helm and original director Ridley Scott producing. According to Landgraf, the Alien series will be the first of the franchise to be set on Earth.

That’s…genuinely wild news. Alien, of course, first debuted in 1979, setting a new bar for sci-fi horror as the crew of the Nostromo—including Sigourney Weaver as warrant officer Ellen Ripley—did battle with a horrific, acid-spitting extraterrestrial intent on planting babies in their stomachs. Director James Cameron followed that up with an action-heavy sequel in 1986, officially launching an entire franchise that also features David Fincher‘s directorial debut, two crossovers with the Predator series, and Ridley Scott‘s big-budget prequels, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

Hawley has been darn near the face of FX‘s genre shows for a while now. He adapted the Coen Bros.’ Fargo into an anthology series in 2014, which has lasted now for three more seasons. At the same time, Hawley spearheaded Legion at the network, a Marvel series loosely set in the X-Men canon starring Dan Stevens as classic comic book mutant, David Haller. I’m really intrigued to see what the writer/director can do with Alien; when his work is good it’s like nothing else out there, but when it’s bad…it’s Lucy in the Sky, which I can’t help but remember was also a big sci-fi swing.

Check out Disney‘s announcement below, which features an official logo.


via Collider

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