‘Dungeons and Dragons’ Movie Adds Chris Pine as its Lead!!

Chris Pine is about to revive another franchise after securing a lead role in the new Dungeons & Dragons movie. The fantasy tabletop role-playing game was originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and has been around since the mid-’70s. The game has been published by Hasbro subsidiary Wizards of the Coast since 1997. A feature film adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons starring Jeremy Irons and Thora Birch was released in 2000 and now lives in infamy as a box office bomb.

But where 2000’s Dungeons & Dragons failed, there is a good chance Pine can help breathe some new life into this world with the forthcoming adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pine is in talks to star in a new Paramount and Hasbro/eOne live-action Dungeons & Dragons movie. The long-gestating project will be directed by Game Night duo John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Daley and Goldstein have also written the script, based on a draft by Michael Gilio. Further casting and plot details have yet to be revealed at this time. However, given the fact the Dungeons & Dragons game is a world where a wide variety of characters populate a plethora of storylines, longtime fans of the game should be prepared for something invigorating and inventive from the team that made Rachel McAdams perfectly reacting to a guy accidentally getting sucked into a plane during a rogue couples game night possible.

Pine is no stranger to franchise fare. Having played Captain Kirk in the most recent feature film reboot of Star Trek and Diana Prince’s love interest in two Wonder Woman movies, as well as star in a variety of big-budget and genre movies, Pine should make a smooth transition into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. I can only imagine what Daley and Goldstein have written for Pine (should he officially sign on to the movie), especially if it means getting Pine to go against type and play a Dungeons and Dragons character class like a wizard, druid, or even monk. Mostly, I’m game (pun intended) for anything and everything this movie wants to throw at me; Pine leading it is just further proof this movie can do no wrong.

We’ll keep you posted on the Chris Pine-starring Dungeons & Dragons movie as the project develops.


via Collider

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