‘Superman and Lois’ Series Gets a Teaser Trailer!! Check It Out!!

The CW has officially unveiled the first trailer for their latest Arrowverse spin-off, Superman & Lois. The Arrowverse first began in 2012 with Arrow and has only grown since then. The latest series to join the ever-expanding universe will bring Tyler Hoechlin‘s Man of Steel to the forefront, along with Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. The two played a pivotal role in last year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, and before that, Hoechlin recurred on Supergirl. For the first time, Lois and Superman will become the stars of their own show.

Superman & Lois will pick up with the iconic couple following the surprise twist that their infant son has now, as a result of Crisis, become two teenage boys. After a tragic event in Metropolis, Clark and Lois decide to move to Smallville as they tackle parenthood alongside their responsibilities as a superhero and a world famous journalist, respectively. Superman & Lois has hinted it will depict a classic Clark even as it offers a fresh take on him through his struggles of being a parent.

After numerous online teases, such as the first peek at Hoechlin‘s new Superman suit, the CW has released the first trailer for Superman & Lois ahead of its February premiere. To say it isn’t a traditional trailer would be putting it lightly, but it does offer a few peeks at some new footage. Check it out below.

The first trailer for Superman & Lois provides less of a clear look at the series and its plot, but instead takes more of a conceptual approach. Clark’s voiceover about themes of change and growth seems to speak to the central premise of the show, which looks to be about how Clark and Lois’ new circumstances shape them. In the end, Clark ties it all together with a mention of family, further cementing just how pivotal the Kent-Lane clan is to the series. Yes, this is the Superman fans know and love, but he’s also driven by his wife and children.

Indeed, this first look at Superman & Lois gives fans an official peek at Jonathan and Jordan Kent. Both actors – Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin – have been seen on set, but this is the first chance fans have gotten to see them in character. Jonathan has been described as a kind and clean-cut boy, while Jordan is intelligent and more prone to social anxiety. Undoubtedly, their differences will make for some interesting storylines, and it’ll be thrilling to see how Clark and Lois interact with their teenage sons. Their presence in the trailer seems to highlight how much they mean to Clark, which could provide a compelling conflict for the hero. After all, he now has more people that he cares about; how will that impact his adventures? Fans will find out in just a few months.

Superman & Lois premieres on February 23 on the CW.


via Screen Rant

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