‘Cherry’ Gets New Intense Posters!! Check It Out!!

Nearly two years after delivering the biggest – and arguably greatest – superhero movie of all-time, directors Joe and Anthony Russo are back with the crime drama Cherry, which is already generating a little bit of Oscar buzz months before its late February release.

The film is a true story, based on the book of the same name, and stars fan-favorite Tom Holland (Avengers: Endgame; Spider-Man 3) in the lead role as Nico Walker, a former Army medic with PTSD who becomes addicted to opioids and starts robbing banks to pay for the addiction.

In addition to Holland, the cast will also feature Ciara Bravo, Jack Reynor, Michael Rispoli, Jeff Wahlberg, Forrest Goodluck, Michael Goodluck, Michael Gandolfini, Kyle Harvey, Pooch Hall, Thomas Lennon, Kelli Berglund, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Nicole Forester, Jamie Brewer, Fionn O’Shea, and Adam Long.

Tom Holland has officially shared six posters for the upcoming film, the first of which is the theatrical one-sheet that’s been circulating as part of Apple‘s For Your Consideration awards campaign. The latter five showcase the many different looks he’ll sport in the film as he transitions from Student, Lover, and Soldier to Junkie and Thief.

Cherry opens in theaters on February 26 – making it eligible for the 93rd Academy Awards – and then, following a short theatrical run, will hit Apple TV+ on March 12.


via CBM

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