‘Derek DelGaudio’s In and Of Itself’: Upcoming Hulu Special Gets a Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Hulu has released the first trailer for a unique special called Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself, which looks like a very interesting experience.

A new kind of lyric poem, according to Hulu, this documentary tells the story of a man fighting to see through the illusion of his own identity, only to discover that identity itself is an illusion. As DelGaudio attempts to answer one deceptively simple question — “Who am I?” — his personal journey expands to a collective experience that forces us to confront the boundaries of our own identities. Essentially, the documentary offers an intimate exploration of what it means to be, and what it means to be seen.

Frank Oz (The Dark Crystal) directed the show, which boasts Stephen Colbert as an executive producer along with Evelyn Colbert, Daryl Roth and Tom Werner. The film was produced by Glenn Kaino, Vanessa Lauren and Jake Friedman.

I love specials like In & Of Itself, which looks like a one-man show crossed with a penetrating magic act that draws upon the vulnerabilities of its audience. DelGaudio seems like an engaging personality who knows how to command an audience, and the folks in the crowd seem eager to investigate their own identities along with the host.

We could all use a touch of whimsy and wonder right now as well as some personal reflection, so check out the trailer below, and be sure and tune in Jan. 22 when DelGaudio‘s movie debuts exclusively on Hulu.


via Collider

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