Doug Liman Provides an Update on His Tom Cruise led Space Movie!!

Tom Cruise has spent the last decade making movies that allow him to pursue his daredevil hobbies like hanging outside the world’s tallest building and flying a helicopter like he just robbed the federal reserve. So when it was revealed that Cruise and Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman were teaming up to make a movie in actual outer space, Cruise fans around the world said, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Collider’s Steve Weintraub recently got to speak with Liman about his film Locked Down, about a couple (Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor) who decide to rob Harrods in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the interview, Liman shared some updates on the highly anticipated Tom Cruise space movie, including how in the (outer) world they managed to get the project insured:

“From the first conversations that we’ve had about the film… how you insure it has been a central part of the conversations. So, we wouldn’t be talking about this movie if we hadn’t figured out a way to navigate the insurance component. So we have navigated it, but there would not have been a conversation about this movie without figuring out the insurance… it’s the same thing in Locked Down, one of the first conversations was about insurance, because of the pandemic… You can’t make a movie without having an insurance conversation. And [whether] you’re talking about going to outer space, [or] you’re talking about shooting in London in the heart of the pandemic, you know, insurance is gonna dictate whether that actually is possible.”

When asked whether or not this project is something he expects to start shooting within the next year or two, Liman responded emphatically in the affirmative, saying, “Oh yeah. It’s not just some abstract idea. It’s a movie.” So, while he confirmed that the project is still untitled, it’s safe to assume that at least a complete treatment of the movie exists, if not a completed draft. (Liman is attached to the project as both director and writer.)

Understandably, Liman couldn’t say exactly what his next project would be, considering COVID cases are currently at an all-time high. But he did reveal that he has something on deck that could potentially begin filming this year:

“I’m not sure any of us really know what 2021 is gonna look like yet, because of the pandemic. I have something I’m working on that I’m hoping I can shoot. But I don’t think anyone can know 100% right now.”

Locked Down is currently streaming on HBO Max.


via Collider

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