‘Dungeons and Dragons’: A TV Series to Accompany Upcoming Movie!!

We hope you like Dungeons & Dragons because there’s about to be dungeons upon dragons upon dungeons. Paramount Pictures and eOne have been in the midst of mounting an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie from directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley – the filmmakers behind Game Night – that will star Chris Pine, but now news comes that they’re separately developing a Dungeons & Dragons TV series.

Per THR, Derek Kolstad has been tapped to write and develop a pitch for a live-action series based on the Dungeons & Dragons universe. It’s unclear if this TV show will have any connectivity to the Chris Pine movie, but THR notes that eOne is working with and looking for many different writers to develop various projects set in the D&D universe.

Clearly Paramount and eOne see Dungeons & Dragons as the start of their own MCU-style franchise, and more and more studios are now concurrently developing TV show spinoffs alongside big-budget feature films. Over at Warner Bros., there’s a mandate to consider TV spinoffs for every DC movie, and they’re already deep into crafting TV shows set in the worlds of The Batman and The Suicide Squad, separately.

Kolstad is a writer on Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and wrote the first three John Wick movies.

There’s no specific network attached and it’s not even guaranteed that this specific Dungeons & Dragons TV show will happen, but it’s clear the studios have big plans for the franchise.


via Collider

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