‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Reboot Show Gets Its Cast!!

Details about the cast of Amazon‘s new I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot have finally been revealed.  It’s expected that this modern version of the original 1997 slasher will follow the same story about a group of teens stalked by a strange killer, years after hitting a man with their car and trying to cover it up on their graduation night. There were two previously failed attempts to turn the original film into a TV show in the past, but Amazon and Sony Picture Television are finally planning to bring the reboot to the small screen.

Blood Disgusting announced that Amazon‘s I Know What You Did Last Summer will star Madison Iseman (Annabelle Comes Home, Jumanji: The Next Level), Brianne Tju (Light as a Feather), Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso (Solve), Fiona Rene (Stumptown), Cassie Beck (Connecting), Brooke Bloom (Homecoming), and Bill Heck (I’m Your Woman). Character descriptions have not yet been released, but Iseman is expected to be the lead, akin to Jennifer Love Hewitt in the original film.

Behind the camera, James Wan of Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring, and Aquaman is on board to executive produce in addition to writer Sarah Goodman, a previous producer on AMC‘s Preacher. One of the producers of the original film, Neal H. Moritz, is also set to executive produce. The series plans to follow the direction of the original novel I Know What You Did Last Summer by Louise Duncan, positioning itself to appeal to young adult audiences. 

Although the reboot has been greenlit, the release date has yet to be announced. The show will begin filming in January 2021 in Hawaii which makes it likely that the show will be available on Amazon by the end of summer 2022, or sooner. Although there is still a lot of unknowns surrounding the I Know What You Did Last Summer reboot, the announcement of an official cast and the start of production this month are good signs that the show is moving forward as planned.



via Screen Rant

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