‘The Sparrow’: ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Creator Scott Frank to Write Sci-Fi Series for FX!!

I still haven’t seen The Queen’s Gambit, because once something becomes popular, it seems I’m no longer interested, but the show’s celebrated creator Scott Frank has found his follow-up, and it sounds absolutely wild.

Frank will adapt Mary Doria Russell‘s 1996 novel The Sparrow for FX, which is developing a limited series that will be directed by Emmy winner Johan Renck (Chernobyl). Those two names alone indicate that this will be an event series, though the material itself seems to require a considerable budget.

The Sparrow follows a group of Jesuit priests and scientists, led by linguist Father Emilio Sandoz, that makes contact with an extraterrestrial species. Seeing this as a sign, the Vatican then backs a secret mission to a faraway planet in order to prove the existence of God throughout the universe. Unfortunately, the mission ends in disaster and the lone survivor is Father Sandoz, who returns to Earth to face a Vatican inquiry into the ensuing scandal.

FX Productions will produce The Sparrow, which Frank and Renck will executive produce with Mark Johnson (Better Call Saul) and AMC Studios. Frank will write all episodes of the show, which joins an impressive development slate at FX, where Oscar winner Danny Boyle is also working on a limited series about the Sex Pistols and Fargo creator Noah Hawley is hard at work on a series set in the Alien universe.

Frank is a two-time Oscar nominee thanks to Logan and Out of Sight, both of which were nominated for best adapted screenplay, and he also earned a trio of Emmy nominations for his work on Netflix‘s limited series Godless. Meanwhile, The Queen’s Gambit has been watched by tens of millions of viewers, making it Netflix‘s most watched limited series ever by the streamer’s own metrics. Fans of the show might even find this making-of documentary interesting.


via Collider

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