‘Flack’ Trailer Sees Anna Paquin Avert Celebrity Crisis!! Check It Out!!

This week, Amazon Prime Video released the official trailer for Flack. The UK television export stars Anna Paquin as a member of an expert PR company skilled at managing the salacious and potentially career-ending scandals of their high-profile celebrity clientele. Flack Season 1 initially premiered in the UK back in February 2019, running for six episodes. The show later crossed the Atlantic and premiered in the U.S. on Pop (also home to Schitt’s Creek). Now, those six episodes have finally made their way to streaming giant Amazon Prime Video, ready to regale an even bigger audience with its scandalous stories.

The trailer for Flack introduces us to Robyn (Paquin), an American working at the London office of top-notch PR firm catering to the nation’s biggest celebs. Robyn is damn good at her job. But behind that tough and confident exterior lies a variety of personal demons that simultaneously influence her job performance and threaten to derail her at every turn. The trailer also teases some of the celebrity clients Robyn and her team will work with over the course of Season 1 as well as the various tight spots those clients need help getting out of. We also get a preview of the various personal problems in Robyn’s life and how that drama might play out in her work.

In addition to Paquin, Flack also stars Sophie Okonedo (Ratched), Lydia Wilson (Star Trek Beyond), and Rebecca Benson (The Crown). Flack comes from series creator and writer Oliver Lansley (Man UpFM). Flack has already aired Season 2, with the next season running from April to May 2020. It’s still unclear if or when Flack Season 2 could premiere on Amazon Prime Video, but it’s worth keeping that in mind if you watch the Paquin-led series and get hooked.

Flack premieres on Amazon Prime Video on January 22. Watch the official trailer below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Flack:

Created and written by Oliver Lansley (‘Whites’, ‘FM’), ‘Flack’ is set in the world of high-stakes public relations and exposes the dark underbelly of cleaning up clients’ messes. Anna Paquin plays Robyn, a sharp and witty publicist – a flack – who’s an expert at her craft, but is completely self-sabotaging when it comes to her personal life. ‘Flack’ centers on Robyn and her four quick-witted and relentless flackers who must figure out how to make the best of bad situations and somehow manage to come out unscathed.Equal parts drama and comedy, ‘Flack’ reflects the brutal reality and complexities of our modern and hyper-connected life, where anything can go viral for the wrong reasons in an instant. The series’ loveable antiheroes will shock you with their self-destruction – but have you rooting for them anyway in this dark and brazen comedy.


via Collider

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