‘No Time to Die’ Release Date Delayed Again!!

It seems James Bond has been thwarted again. No Time to Die, the latest installment in the 007 franchise, has been delayed once again as the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep most of the country in lockdown. The film, previously scheduled for an April 2 release, will now hit theaters October 8, 2021.

The spy thriller, which will be the 25th James Bond movie since 1962’s Dr. No kicked off the series, was originally set to open in November of 2019, but was delayed after original director Danny Boyle left the project and Cary Joji Fukunaga stepped in. The film’s April 2020 release date was then pushed back to November 2020 after the pandemic effectively shut down the entire movie theater industry, and was delayed again to April 2021 when it became clear that theaters weren’t opening up anytime soon. Even with a vaccine currently being administered (incredibly slowly), it still doesn’t seem likely that theaters are going to be operating at anywhere near normal capacity for at least several more months, so the decision to push Bond back once again is sensible albeit disappointing.

It’s been a rocky journey for No Time to Die. In addition to Boyle’s departure from the film, the production was plagued by accidents, including an incident that required star Daniel Craig to undergo ankle surgery and an explosion that damaged the stage at Pinewood Studios and injured a crew member. If the film does manage to open this October, it will be hitting the screens nearly two full years after its originally intended release date.


via Collider

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