‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Sequel Reportedly in Development at HBO Max!!

The Dark Knight of Gotham may be returning to animation.

According to Fatman Beyond co-hosts Marc Bernardin and Kevin Smith, HBO Max is in the early stages of developing a Batman: The Animated Series follow-up.

“The rumor is that HBO Max is looking at making a Batman: The Animated Series sequel, that they want to continue that forward,” Bernardin said. As he was speaking, Smith could barely contain his excitement, covering a huge smile on his face.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Smith joked before also confirming the news. “I’m not involved, but I too have heard this and I’ve heard this from very reliable people. When I heard it I freaked out, and I heard this…I would say a month before you just said it. I think that’s real, I don’t think that’s a rumor, I wouldn’t say ‘Set your watch to it,’ but it’s an idea whose time is not only coming, I think it came, and it’s smoking a cigarette. I think that’s gonna happen. How fucking amazing would that be because you can just literally pick up and keep going. It’s not like, oh we gotta explain why everyone’s older, it’s fucking animation man so you can go right back to those amazing fucking stories.”

If it comes to pass, a Batman: The Animated Series revival would be HBO Max‘s second original DC animated series after Harley Quinn. (While Harley Quinn started off as a DC Universe original, the consolidation of that service with HBO Max means the latter can now bill the animated series as its own.)

Batman: The Animated Series aired from 1992 to 1995 for 85 episodes over two seasons. It received critical acclaim for its dark themes, superb animation and stellar voice cast, specifically Kevin Conroy‘s Batman and Mark Hamill‘s Joker. It also introduced Harley Quinn, who would go on to become one of DC Comics’ most popular characters, and gave villains such as Mr. Freeze more compelling origins, abilities and costumes.

The beloved series also launched the DC Animated Universe (DCAU), a collection of animated films and TV shows focused on DC Comics heroes. This includes The New Batman Adventures and Batman Beyond, which are both considered loose sequels to the original animated Batman series. A comic series by Paul Dini and Alan Burnett set in the world of the cartoon also released last year.

Batman: The Animated Series is currently streaming on HBO Max.


via CBR

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