‘Spy Kids’: Robert Rodriguez Set to Write and Direct a Re-Imagining!!

Spy Kids is one of Robert Rodriguez‘s best movies. But more importantly for this piece of news: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World, a soft reboot of that family franchise, is one of Robert Rodriguez‘s best movies. And the fact that four entries into a franchise, with new kids and new ideas, the filmmaker can still burst out imaginative, worthy stories to this beloved world makes me more excited about an upcoming re-imagining of Spy Kids, from the mind of Rodriguez himself.

As reported by Deadline, Rodriguez will write and direct a new Spy Kids film for Skydance Media, which up to this point has mostly produced teen-and-older leaning prestige action fare like Mission: Impossible, and is now trying to add family-friendly content to their purview as well. No cast members or plot details have been announced, beyond the fact that it will continue to revolve around a multicultural family.

Multicultural representation has been important for Rodriguez in Spy Kids since the first film, and he initially had to fight for it. As he told our own Steve Weintraub:

“For me, it was a big victory, and it was an important one for things to follow, to have the kids in Spy Kids be a Latin family. The studio was like, ‘Why are you making them Latin, though? Why don’t you just make them American?’ And I was like, ‘They are American, it’s based on my family.’ My uncle is actually — his name is Gregorio Rodriguez, he’s a special agent in the FBI that was the only one to bring down two top ten [most wanted] criminals. That’s who the Antonio [Banderas] character’s based on. And I wanted to make a movie about my family, ’cause I grew up in a family of 10 kids, a big Latin family… You kind of had to put your flag in and set it in and say, ‘This is how it’s gonna be done’ to make any change, ’cause there was no roles being written for Latins at that time, back in 1999, nor were they being cast. And if I wasn’t Latin, I would’ve given up the fight, because I would’ve been [like], ‘Okay, I just wanna get the movie made.’ Because it was based on my family is the only reason I kept the fight up. And again, it wasn’t a fight, they just weren’t sure why I would attempt doing something that could possibly limit the audience. ‘Cause it had just never been done before, to be proven wrong. And why prove it with this movie? And that can be with anything, a piece of technology or an idea that’s new, that you would come up against as a filmmaker. You kind of have to make a stand and go, ‘Look, this is kinda how I have to be.'”

Here’s hoping the latest chapter in Rodriguez‘s inclusive, entertaining franchise continues this path of entertaining, representative spy shenanigans for the whole family.


via Collider

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