‘Titans’ Season 3 Casts Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake!!

Tim Drake is officially set to appear in Titans season 3, with Jay Lycurgo confirmed to play another one of Batman’s sidekicks. When DC originally tried to launch an online service filled with comics and programming, Titans was the first big piece of exclusive content offered. The series put a darker spin on the Teen Titans – with its memorable “F*** Batman” line in the first trailer signaling its tone. With Dick Grayson and Jason Todd featured in season 1, Titans quickly established a Batman-heavy mythos.

Bruce Wayne made a physical appearance in season 2 and helped the Titans along the way, but his first two sidekicks moved past him by the end. Dick Grayson suited up as Nightwing before season 2 came to a close, and Jason Todd left the Titans and Batman behind to do his own thing. The influence of Batman will be felt again in Titans season 3 as Dick continues to step out of his shadow and Jason will transform into Red Hood. But, it was also recently announced that Barbara Gordon will appear, although she’s no longer Batgirl.

With Batman seemingly in need of a new sidekick, it has now been announced that Tim Drake is joining Titans season 3. The official Twitter account for Titans confirmed the addition of Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake, who is Batman’s third Robin in the comics. Lycurgo is relatively new to acting, but he does ironically have a small role in Matt Reeves‘ The Batman. Lycurgo‘s casting was first reported by Full Circle.

The addition of Tim Drake, along with Barbara Gordon, gives Titans four Batman sidekicks to play with, even though it is unknown if any are still affiliated with the Dark Knight. It would make sense for Drake to be introduced now as the newest Robin, but whether or not he’ll suit up remains to be seen. This announcement also doesn’t clarify how large of a role Tim Drake will have in Titans season 3.

Now that Lycurgo is confirmed to play Tim Drake in Titans season 3, though, this is another example of the show’s cast arguably becoming too crowded. The show already includes Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Hawk, Dove, Jason Todd, Ravager, and Super Boy as some of its central young heroes. Now that Tim Drake (and Barbara Gordon) are joining the mix – in addition to villains like Scarecrow – Titans now features a huge ensemble. This could mean that fans will be better off expecting a small role from Lycurgo‘s Tim Drake in Titans season 3, and then potentially be pleasantly surprised if it’s more substantial.



via Screen Rant

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