‘Dexter’ Revival Adds Jamie Chung as a True Crime Podcaster!!

It’s another day on the glamorous albeit blood-spattered Dexter beat for this reporter, and this time around, Jamie Chung and Oscar Wahlberg have joined the cast of the revival in recurring roles. And since I already know what you’re thinking, the answer is ‘yes.’As anyone reading this article is surely aware of by now, this 10-episode revival will take place roughly 10 years after the original series ended with Dexter Morgan faking his own death to go live a solitary life as a lumberjack in Oregon (it’s true, look it up), but fear not, for Michael C. Hall will be back as everyone’s favorite killer of killers.Clancy Brown will be Dexter’s primary target as he’ll play the villain of the revival, which is set in upstate New York rather than sunny Miami. The show will also feature Alano Miller as a high school wrestling coach, Julia Jones as a local police chief and Johnny Sequoyah as her daughter, as well as Jack Alcott and Michael Cyril Creighton.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the casting news, Chung will play a famous true crime podcaster from Los Angeles, while Wahlberg will play the captain of the high school wrestling team who hangs out with Sequoyah and the other popular kids even though he’s a bit of a bully. You have to love the idea that 10 years after the events of Dexter, true crime podcasts have become a huge business. Perhaps her character will sniff out some of Dexter’s past murderous activities and make a startling discovery about Miami’s vigilante serial killer who bought way too much plastic sheeting over the years. Who knows?

Showrunner Clyde Phillips and primary director Marcos Siega (Pretty Persuasion, see it) will executive produce the Dexter revival with John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Bill Carraro, Scott Reynolds and Hall. Production is scheduled to start this month in Massachusetts — hey Showtime, I’m around for a set visit — and the show is expected to debut this fall. Dexter is, without a doubt, my most anticipated new series, since it is, after all, considered a closed-ended revival.

Chung recently starred in HBO‘s acclaimed series Lovecraft Country, while Wahlberg‘s credits include Manchester by the Sea and NOS4A2. And in reference to the lead of this article, the young actor is the nephew of Mark Wahlberg, who, it should be noted, is not involved with Dexter in any capacity.


via Collider

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