‘Constantine’: A Reboot Series Is Coming to HBO Max!!

After two live-action screen adaptations of Constantineone for the movies starring Keanu Reeves, one for TV starring Matt Ryan (who later reprised the role in the ongoing Arrowverse) — a third one is making its way to HBO Max. Per various sources, including Variety, Deadline, and nerd sites like The IlluminerdiJ.J. Abrams will, through his Bad Robot production company, executive produce a new Constantine TV series that reboots the character’s onscreen continuity — and fuses him with a new one instead.

Up-and-coming screenwriter Guy Bolton, who currently has projects in development with Hell or High Water director David Mackenzie, has been tapped to write the pilot script for Bad Robot and HBO Max, with a search currently undergoing for the title role — and sources say they want this version of Constantine to be played by a non-white actor.

The plan is for this series to interlock with the Abrams-produced HBO Max Justice League Dark series, and given that this version of Constantine is being designed to stick close to the comic’s horror-driven roots, this sounds like HBO Max is planning on a very dark DC television universe (though to get darker than WandaVision is currently getting might be a hurdle). HBO Max also has DC TV shows like Peacemaker, based on James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad, and a Gotham police department drama based on Matt Reeves‘ The Batman, in development.

Who would you like to see play John Constantine, the chain-smoking demon-hunting tortured-as-heck supernatural detective? I’ll float Rahul Kohli as a possibility — he acquitted himself well to the gothic vibes of The Haunting of Bly Manor, has the nerd credibility to play this character authentically, and well, he’d look damn good in Constantine’s trench coat.


via Collider

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