‘Superstore’: NBC Comedy Is Getting a Spanish-Language Adaptation!!

NBC comedy Superstore is getting a new life with a Spanish-language adaptation that will be shown to international audiences. The English-language Superstore starred America FerreraBen FeldmanColton DunnNico SantosLauren Ash, and Mark McKinney as employees of the fictional big box store Cloud 9 in Missouri. The comedy premiered in 2015 and ran for six seasons, with its sixth season set to end on March 25. The Season 6 finale will also serve as the series finale for Superstore following the December 2020 announcement the show had been cancelled.

On Monday, Variety first reported Superstore would be turned into a Spanish-language comedy. The new adaptation is being made under the working title Supertitlan and has received an 48-episode order, with each episode running an hour long. (For a show that was originally a half-hour comedy with seasons typically clocking in at around 20 or so episodes apiece, this is a major expansion.) NBCUniversal Formats has partnered with Mexican production outfit Dopamine (Hernán, Amarres), making this collaboration the first co-production partnership based in Mexico and the first time one of NBCUniversal‘s scripted titles will be adapted in Spanish for the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets.

Variety also reports that a writer’s room for the Spanish-language Superstore adaptation has opened. Additionally, details including casting and a broadcast partner will be announced soon. There is currently no word on how Superstore‘s general plot, which focuses on a group of minimum-wage employees navigating the uneasy waters of a corporate chain, or its varying subplots — namely the show’s exploration of contemporary concerns like immigration, as seen through Santos‘ undocumented character, Mateo — will be translated into this new adaptation.

Superstore has remained one of the most popular shows in NBC in its prime. As Variety points out, the Justin Spitzer-created comedy drew in 37 million viewers during its Season 5 run from 2019 to 2020. After playing a central role on the show for five seasons, Ferrera exited Superstore ahead of the start of Season 6 and her character was written off by Episode 2. Season 6 of Superstore has been one of the handful of TV shows actively tackling the COVID pandemic, continuing its ongoing interest in taking a contemporary look at today’s essential employees.


via Collider

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