‘This Sceptred Isle’: First Look Reveals Kenneth Branagh as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson!! Check It Out!!

Today’s hat tip goes to the make-up artists working on Michael Winterbottom’s upcoming COVID-19 drama series This Sceptred Isle. SkyNews has shared the first image of Kenneth Branagh as U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and…he looks like Boris Johnson. It’s one of those instances where you kind of have to squint to even see that it’s actually Branagh and not the genuine article.

While Johnson has been a political fixture in the U.K. for some time due to his moronic and xenophobic stunts, but managed to rise to the position of Prime Minister due to the insanity surrounding Brexit only to be hit with a new crisis when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. Per Sky, “The five-part drama will chart the events surrounding the UK prime minister, the government, and the country in the face of the first wave of the global pandemic,” and the series “will begin with Mr. Johnson‘s appointment as prime minister in July 2019, and go on to tell the story of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, covering the 56-year-old’s own illness, for which he was treated in hospital, as well as the birth of his son, Wilfred.”

I don’t know if this series will be any good, but it’s definitely part of a trend of studios trying to rip from the headlines as much as possible since we live in “Interesting Times”. But does that add up to much? We all saw the images of Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump in The Comey Rule, but did The Comey Rule itself generate much discussion? Not really, because we were all living through the fallout as well as a barrage of new headaches. Whether anyone will want to see a COVID-19 drama by the This Sceptred Isle arrives remains to be seen.

The series is set to air on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in fall 2022. Check out the image below.


via Collider

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