‘The Boys’ Season 3 Gets a First Image!! Check It Out!!

The Snyder Cut certainly offers a grown-up, edgier take on superhero mythology. But with respect to Darkseid and all his cronies, it can never hold a “grown-up, edgy superhero” candle to The BoysEric Kripke‘s Amazon series take on Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s work. This show is ultraviolent, ultra-dark, ultra-satirical, and ultra-sexual in nature. And judging by this first image from its upcoming Season 3, things are just getting started.

Kripke tweeted this first picture from the set of The Boys Season 3. It’s a Homelander (Antony Starr) statue in all its Aryan, deifying, jingoistic glory. And, um, the angle really emphasizes a “certain part” of Mr. Homelander in a way that functions like the rest of The Boys‘ satire — blunt, crude, and utterly effective. Of course this is how Homelander would want to be seen and perceived (and of course Twitter would crop it so that body part is the most pronounced when you scroll through Kripke’s feed).

In our interview with Starr, he explained some of the psychology behind Homelander’s need to be seen as a hero, to never remove his costume, to always be gazed upon:

“I just feel like his identity is so bizarrely and dysfunctionally twisted up in the corporate identity of Homelander. He wouldn’t know who he is without that costume, without that flag, and without that public persona and identity. That is who he is. That’s why Stormfront coming in and challenging him for leadership of Seven is not just her wanting to take his job. That’s an existential threat. It’s like religion. Religious people often base their identities on which book club they belong to, and when someone says that their book club is wrong, they take that as a threat to their very existence and their identity, and therefore, they’ve gotta kill them. It’s something akin to that. It’s a form of skin to him. I don’t know what he would wear. I’ve been asked, ‘Will he ever take the suit off?,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, you tell me what he would wear because I can’t imagine Homelander in civilian clothes. I really can’t.'”

Check out the full Homelander statue from The Boys Season 3 in all its glory.

via Collider

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