Paramount+ to Launch New ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Pet Sematary’ Films!!

During a TCA panel, the latest major streaming service to debut (or actually rebrand, as it used to be CBS All Access), Paramount+, laid everything out on the table, debuting news about a ton of high-profile original series, quick access to blockbuster films, and a slew of other goodies. And just like any streaming service worth its salt in 2021, Paramount+ is also betting big on original streaming films, including new entries in the “Paranormal Activity” and “Pet Sematary” franchises.

According to Deadline, Paramount Players (the in-house production unit for Paramount+) is expected to release between three and four new features each year for the streaming service. And some of the first big-name films coming to the streamer include the previously announced “Paranormal Activity” sequel. The film, which is directed by Will Eubank and written by “Happy Death Day” filmmaker Christopher Landon, was originally announced as being in production over at Blumhouse. However, it appears that Paramount is going to use the highly-anticipated sequel to help promote the new streaming service.

In addition to a new installment of “Paranormal Activity,” Paramount+ has another horror film in the works, with a prequel story in the recently relaunched “Pet Sematary” franchise. While the recent Stephen King film wasn’t a massive hit at the box office and didn’t get the best reviews (it’s just not very good, honestly), whenever you release a film or TV series with King’s name attached, you’re bound to draw attention. And people have such fond memories of the “Pet Sematary” novel and the original TV films that you can understand by Paramount+ is hoping to revive the franchise on the streaming service.

All told, it’s clear that original programming is going to be a big draw over at Paramount+, but it’s not just going to be “Star Trek” series and “Yellowstone” spinoffs. The streaming service is also going to try to build off of established film franchises to draw in subscribers. We’ll just have to see if it’s all enough to help it succeed.


via The Playlist

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