New FX on Hulu Teaser Teases First Footage from ‘Y: The Last Man,’ ‘American Horror Stories,’ and More!! Check It Out!!

FX on Hulu has released a ton of new footage from its exciting slate of upcoming TV shows, including the long-awaited Y: The Last Man and the Ryan Murphy spinoff series American Horror Stories. So, right up top here, let’s acknowledge that while it’s all well and good to finally get a good look at American Horror Stories, it’s the new footage of Y: The Last Man that’s the real attention-getter. This is a show which has had an abnormally labored production process, beset by delays and casting shuffles which have prevented the show from producing any footage until now. Finally, curious fans who have long been looking forward to the TV adaptation of the Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra Vertigo comics series can get a brief glimpse of what’s coming to FX on Hulu.

New footage from Y: The Last ManAmerican Horror Stories, as well as fellow new shows The Old Man, starring Jeff Bridges, and Reservation Dogs, which is executive produced by Taika Waititi, was released in a sizzle reel for FX on Hulu. These shows are the four exciting new titles arriving throughout 2021, in addition to the return of popular shows including Dave. The first footage from Y: The Last Man includes shots of the inciting event involving men around the world suddenly dropping dead, with close-ups of a very troubled Diane Lane and Olivia Thirlby featured prominently. In addition to Y: The Last Man, we get generally creepy shots of events from different episodes in the American Horror Stories anthology. It’s hard to tell who or what is going on in American Horror Stories and, if there’s a big star in there, then they’re hiding under all the incredible special effects make-up.

There is also a moody new look at Bridges as a former CIA officer who is being hunted down. We get a good look at Bridges‘ co-stars, John Lithgow and Alia Shawkat, as well as some intriguing shots of Bridges‘ character taking aim with a big-ass gun. And then there’s our first look at Reservation Dogs, which introduces us to the lively cast of characters who will bring us inside their world on a Native reservation in Oklahoma.

All things considered, the new slate of upcoming FX on Hulu shows looks really fun. If you’re jonesing for something new to watch, why not add one of these titles to your Hulu queue?

Y: The Last ManAmerican Horror StoriesThe Old Man, and Reservation Dogs are coming to FX on Hulu in 2021. We’ll let you know when each show sets an official release date.


via Collider

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