‘Mortal Kombat’: New Look Teases the Evil Shang Tsung!! Check It Out!!

We’re just over one month away from the release of WB & New Line’s Mortal Kombat feature film, which is rated “R” and promises to load up on iconic characters and gory fatalities. The trailer, which debuted a few weeks back, quickly became the most-viewed Red Band movie trailer of all time, suggesting fans are very, very excited about the potential for this one.

Speaking with Total Film (via Games Radar) this week, director Simon McQuoid teases the “unapologetic” brutality of his upcoming Mortal Kombat movie, while also providing us with a brand new image of actor Chin Han as Outworld’s Emperor, Shang Tsung.

“It’s unapologetically brutal,” McQuoid promises. “We spent a lot of time talking about blood and what it looks like, but we just wanted to do it in a smart way. We have to make it mean something and we have to make you care. When we need to push it to 10 we definitely pushed it to 10, so there was no one shying away from that.”

He continues, “And there’s one moment I saw today that had me leaping for joy. It’s like Christmas morning every day in the editing suite at the moment – I go in and the effects company have revved everything up… I just can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Mortal Kombat will be in theaters and streaming on HBO Max on April 16.

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