‘The Ploughmen’: Ed Harris Sets Up Directorial with Robert Duvall and Garrett Hedlund to Star!!

Ed Harris is set to direct Robert Duvall and Garret Hedlund in the upcoming film project The Ploughmen. This is the third film that Harris has helmed, the first two include Pollock and Appaloosa, both of which were great movies. Amy Madigan and newcomer Lily Harris have also been cast in the film.

The Ploughmen tells the story of the “strange friendship that develops between a haunted young deputy sheriff and a notorious old murderer that turns both their worlds upside down. The men sit across from each other in the dark, talking through the bars of a county jail cell. John Gload is a killer so adept at his job that only now has he been apprehended. Valentine Millimaki is low man in the Copper County sheriff’s department, who works the overnight shift that puts him in proximity with the killer. The young sheriff finds much in common with his prisoner, and dangerously seeks counsel from him.”

I enjoy watching films like this with a simple setting with a story that is focused on character development. I also absolutely loved the cast. Duvall is a legend and Hedlund is just a wonderfully talented actor.

The movie is slated to begin filming in early May on location in the Missouri Breaks area of Montana, and in New Mexico.

via Geek Tyrant

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