‘Raised by Wolves’: BTS Teaser Images Confirms Filming of Season 2!! Check It Out!!

Give a prayer of thanks to Sol, as Season 2 of Raised by Wolves has officially started rolling. Abubakar Salim, who plays robotic caretaker Father, posted a picture of himself on Twitter letting us know that the cast and crew are filming once again. After premiering in September 2020, the series was renewed for a second season only a couple of weeks later.

The cerebral sci-fi show was one of HBO Max’s first original series, backed by executive producer Ridley Scott and creator Aaron Guzikowski. Raised by Wolves follows two androids called Father and Mother who are tasked with raising human children on an alien planet after the Earth is destroyed by a religious war between Mithraics and atheists. The show gained attention by featuring some of Scott’s iconic imagery, including the crowd favorite alien birth scene with plenty of white goo.

We last saw our dynamic couple, Mother and Father, attempting to kill Mother’s terrifying snake baby by flying a ship into one of the mysterious never-ending tunnels before shooting out the other side. Based on the green foliage and blue skies, it looks like they might be the “Tropical Zone” that our amalgamated family discussed traveling to throughout the series. It seems as though Mother and Father simply traveled through the entire planet and emerged on the other side, while the ever-growing baby flew (or slithered) away unharmed.

Hopefully, we’ll get more details of what Season 2 has to offer, as there are a lot of questions to answer. What did Mother give birth to? Why is Travis Fimmel’s Marcus hearing voices? What are these cryptic alien fossils and beings on the planet? Why is Campion not affected by radiation? Guzikowski has previously revealed that he has plans for five or six seasons, so it looks like Raised by Wolves will clearly ramp up its questions and tensions before answering them anytime soon.

As our next teaser, we’re greatly anticipating new images of our heroine Mother. Played by newcomer Amanda Collin, Mother’s emotional and complex storyline was easily the highlight of Season 1. She was part of one of the most shocking moments of last season — the wild and crazy sex scene that led to our weird, flying snake E.T. She will be joined by the rest of her family including Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Felix Jamieson, Ethan Hazzard, Aasiya Shaha, and Ivy Wong.

The first season of Raised by Wolves is available on HBO Max. The release date for Season 2 has not yet been announced. Take a look at the new pictures below.


via Collider

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