‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’: Fede Alvarez Reveals Details for New Sequel!!

Get your chainsaws ready, as new details on the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre film have been released. Producer Fede Alvarez, who directed the 2013 Evil Dead pseudo-remake, recently talked with the Bloody Disgusting podcast The Boo Crew about the film.

In the episode, Alvarez confirmed that the new movie will be a direct sequel to the classic 1974 film, which was confirmed last October when the first poster for the movie was released. He also confirmed that the original Leatherface will be the villain in the new film, and referred to him as “old man Leatherface” in the podcast. We last saw the idea of an older Leatherface in 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D, but a new take on the aging villain is expected.

Alvarez also seemed particularly excited about the use of practical effects for the gory kills of the movie, telling Bloody Disgusting that “everything is a classic, old-school gags. It’s a very old-school approach to filmmaking. Vintage lenses… it’s very similar to the original film.”

Despite staying relatively quiet about other details on the highly-anticipated film, these new details from Alvarez sound exciting. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series is no stranger to remakes and reboots, with the most recent attempt at rewriting the original continuity being 2017’s origin story Leatherface. However, any chance to see Leatherface in action sounds like a wonderful time.

The film is directed by David Blue Garcia, who took over the helm after original directors Andy and Ryan Tohill dropped out due to creative differences. Chris Devlin, whose 2018 Black List screenplay Cobweb concluded production in November 2020, wrote the screenplay for Leatherface’s big-screen return. The cast also includes some exciting talent, including Elsie Fisher (Eighth Grade), Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner), Sarah Yarkin (Happy Death Day 2U), Olwen Fouéré (Mandy) and Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact).

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is expected to rip into theaters in late 2021.


via Collider

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