‘American Horror Story’ Season 10: Ryan Murphy Reveals Title and Story Details!!

Ryan Murphy has finally unveiled the long-awaited title for Season 10 of American Horror Story! The season, which will be called Double Feature, represents an official first for AHS in that it will showcase two terrifying stories over the course of one season. In an Instagram post, Murphy shared a video that revealed the official title but also gave us a deeper look into the season with a tease of where these two stories are taking place.

Per Murphy’s reveal, one of these AHS narratives is set in the sea and the other is on the sand. So are we getting murderous mermaids who are angry because of global warming? Will we see some scary sea creatures invading the sand to enact their revenge? We already know that whatever this new season holds in store for us, weather will potentially be a big element, as previously teased.

So far, Murphy and company have given us brief glimpses into the new season while we await news of a release date. We know that some of our favorite cast members are joining in, like Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe! There have also been pictures released by Murphy himself of newcomer Macaulay Culkin and Leslie Grossman on the set of the show wearing some fabulous winter coats.

Paulson has also subtly discussed her AHS character in the past, giving us some information about her hair color and telling us that she has a great name. But what does any of that really mean in the context of Murphy’s world? We’re still pretty lost on what this season of American Horror Story is going to entail and maybe that’s a good thing. Let us all be surprised by whatever he has planned for us.

In prior seasons, Murphy and the AHS crew have created worlds in plenty of haunted locations. We got a look into the mysteries of the Cecil Hotel during America Horror Story: Hotel, and a deep dive into the horrors of Roanoke during that particular season. We even explored the twists and scares of a carnival in Freakshow. Whatever this new horror is going to be, there’s no doubt we’re in for quite the fright.

Murphy has mastered the art of keeping audiences on the edge of their seats with American Horror Story. Each new season reinvents itself and getting to see all these different myths or spooky locations come to life is a thrill for horror devotees and TV fans alike. Then again, if Murphy does want to let us know whether this season does, in fact, revolve around scary mermaids, no one would be mad about it.

Check out the official title reveal for American Horror Story: Double Feature below.


via Collider

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