‘The Boys’ Season 3 Adds Katia Winter as Little Nina!!

The Boys season 3 casts Katia Winter as the comic villain Little Nina, a powerful Russian mob boss. Amazon Prime Video became the home of one of the world’s most popular superhero TV shows in recent years. The live-action adaptation of The Boys broke records for the streaming service when season 2 launched in 2020. Viewers around the world tuned in to see where the story went next and witnessed a wild story focused around the corrupt nature of Vought International, Stormfront’s surprising origins, and the ongoing feud between The Boys and The Seven.

The end of The Boys season 2 left fans eager for more too. Amazon renewed the series for a third season before the second even debuted, but production only recently began due to COVID-19 delaying production. The Boys season 3 will build on where the story left off for Billy Butcher, Hughie Campbell, Starlight, Homelander, and others. It will also introduce some new characters who played significant roles in the comics. This includes the introduction of Soldier Boy, but now it appears The Boys season 3 will include another villain from Garth Ennis’ comics.

According to Deadline, Katia Winter will appear in The Boys season 3. The Swedish actress has previously appeared in DexterSleepy Hollow, and Blood & Treasure. She will reportedly play the comic villain Little Nina, a Russian mob boss who works with Vought and used Compound V to create dozens of Supes. She gets her name because she is extremely short. Little Nina only appeared in four issues of the comics during a storyline when The Boys went to Russia, and she has one of the more memorable deaths at the conclusion of her story.

The addition of Little Nina in The Boys season 3 is intriguing, to say the least. This could give the series a chance to take The Boys outside of America, which makes sense now that Billy Butcher and the team are back to working for the government. Their trip to Russia and encountering Little Nina could play out differently, though. The Boys season 2 dealt with Homelander distributing Compound V around the world to create supervillains for him and The Seven to defeat. It’s possible that this storyline could be connected to Little Nina’s introduction or explain how she starts experimenting with Compound V.

It remains to be seen how close to comics The Boys will stay when bringing Little Nina to screen. Winter is 5’9, so it will take some manipulation to make her as small as Little Nina is in the comics. The Boys could ignore this aspect of her character and possibly result in her not being called Little Nina. It is also unclear if the show will explore how Little Nina’s Compound V experiments led to Supes’ heads exploding, especially since exploding heads was a crucial part of season 2’s storyline. In any case, The Boys season 3 now looks to have another villain in its fold. Maybe this will even explain Love Sausage’s return.



via Screen Rant

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