‘Men’: Set Photo Confirms Filming of Alex Garland’s New Movie!! Check It Out!!

Filming on director/writer Alex Garland‘s new horror movie, Men, starring Jessie Buckley just started production. Courtesy of cinematographer Rob Hardy’s Instagram, Men began filming this week, per the first take set photo posted on April 1. The genre-favorite director has teamed up once again with A24, and hopefully, the partnership will be as creatively and commercially fruitful as it was with Ex Machina.

Unfortunately, Hardy’s image does not offer audiences a glimpse of either actor, but only gave us the first slate on a beautiful carpet background. We’d guess that this is the house Buckley‘s character moves into while vacationing in the English countryside. The plot seems like it may be centered around one location à la Garland‘s 2014 feature Ex Machina, which really gives him the chance to dig into script and characters. Hardy‘s caption for the set photo simply states, “…the horror,” giving away little, but indeed confirming that Men is digging into the horror genre (although I’d be thrilled if he slips a little of that good sci-fi he’s known for).

Speaking of plot, the synopsis of Men is still quite vague. We do know that it stars Buckley as a young woman who goes on a solo vacation to a house in the English countryside after the death of her ex-husband. Penny Dreadful and No Time to Die star Rory Kinnear has also been cast in the film. Details about his role are unknown, but it’s possible Kinnear is playing Buckley’s ex-husband. I’m thrilled Buckley’s finally getting the attention she deserves after great performances in the fourth season of Fargo and I’m Thinking of Ending Things. Snapping Buckley up for his next project was a smart move on Garland’s part.

Garland originally discussed that he had been planning a new series about protests, but after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in mid-2020, he has since pivoted to write and film a horror film set in the UK. We’re certainly not complaining, as some old-fashioned scares and thrills might be just the distraction we need.

There is no release date set for Men. We’ll keep you up-to-date on future news. Check out Hardy’s Instagram post below.


via Collider

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