‘The Wonder Years’: First Photo of the Reboot Introduces the Williams Family!! Check It Out!!

The Wonder Years is coming back to television and we now have our first look at the newly imagined series from Lee Daniels. The original series had the world falling in love with Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper. Now, a new generation gets to fall in love with a reboot series based around a Black family in the 1960s.

The first look shows stars Dulé Hill, Laura Kariuki, Elisha “EJ” Williams, and Saycon Sengbloh in their 60s clothes and reminds us of what brought so many of us into the world of The Wonder Years in the first place.

Executive produced by Fred Savage – who is also directing the pilot episode – the series is gearing up to be a perfect update for many fans of the original series. The show originally tackled hard-hitting issues like the Vietnam War and was a staple of the dramedy genre. Getting to experience that sort of genre through the lens of a Black family in the ’60s is going to be amazing and with Daniels executive producing the project, it’s sure to be something to watch.

The new series is set around the Williams family navigating their life in Montgomery, Alabama. Williams is playing Dean as a child and his adult self, with his adult self narrating the story. Don Cheadle is set to play Adult Dean, which sounds like a perfect way to update The Wonder Years for a modern audience.

Getting to see Hill step into the father role in this reimagined version is exciting. Fans probably know him best as Gus in the hit show Psych or from his role as Charlie Young in the Aaron Sorkin classic The West Wing. But we haven’t seen Hill get to attempt a role quite like the All-American father before so it’ll be a nice change for fans of the actor.

The ABC show looks and feels like the perfect reboot to the 80s classic, and having Savage behind the camera will give that feel of the show we all knew and loved him from originally. This first look at the Williams family is just getting us excited for what’s to come for the new version of The Wonder Years. Check out the first look at The Wonder Years below.


via Collider

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