‘Pet Stars’: First Trailer Teases the New Netflix Reality Series!! Check It Out!!

The wild and wooly world of animal influencers is coming to Netflix later this month. Pet Stars launches April 30 on Netflix with five 30-minute episodes following talent management company Pets on Q and its two main employees, Melissa and Colleen. The duo work with some of the most popular pets on social media, and the first trailer has arrived to showcase what’s in store.

“This pair handles Hollywood’s cutest, most well-known animal clients — top hats, treats and poop to boot,” Netflix said in a statement. “Their mission centers around making the world a better place, one animal at a time, and throughout the episodes, viewers not only get to see how they run their business securing partnerships for pets, but also how they work with rescues to highlight animals in need of a better life! Whether it’s a business opportunity or a life-changing new home, their first love (and priority) are the animals.”

The trailer for Pet Stars shows Melissa and Colleen interacting with surfing dogs, basketball-dunking bunnies and sunglass-wearing lizards. “If there’s one thing people love, it’s their pets,” Colleen narrates over footage of a man coddling a white parrot. “And thanks to social media, cute and cuddly can bring big bucks. That’s where we come in. We run Hollywood’s biggest talent management company for animals.” Melissa adds, “We’re basically making someone famous with this. We’re finding the next pet star.”

The reality series will also show Pets On Q meeting potential new clients and their humans. Colleen asks a woman who has a three-legged French bulldog named Bethanee Hamilton how many followers they have. The woman estimates about 185,000. “Are you represented by anyone?” Colleen asks. When the woman answers no, Colleen says, “Oh, we need to talk.” Colleen and Melissa then venture in an RV to “The World’s Ugliest Dog” contest. “This is the perfect opportunity for us to get some new talent,” Melissa says over footage of a variety of scraggly, skinny dogs. “Oh my god, they’re so ugly!” Melissa blurts out. “Thank you,” one of the dog owners replies sincerely.

Later, the dog-repping duo is shown auditioning pets at a Hollywood soundstage for a commercial. They meet with a mix of eccentric pet owners. A man holding his rabbit says, “This is not a normal bunny. This is a Hollywood bunny.” The ladies at Pets On Q also encounter the messy side of dealing with animals, as they’re shown laughing at farting cats, burping turtles and sneezing lizards. “Our job is literally bringing people joy,” Colleen says near the end of the trailer. “That’s what we do at Pets On Q,” Melissa says as the two high-five each other. And with their new series Pet Stars, the secret lives of pets and their fame-seeking owners won’t be so secret.

Watch the Pet Stars trailer below. The series premieres on Netflix on April 30.


via Collider

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