‘What Drives Us’ Trailer Teases Dave Grohl’s New Documentary!! Check It Out!!

After Sound City and the HBO series Sonic HighwaysDave Grohl is back to directing with What Drives Us, a star-studded documentary that’ll make the rocker that lives inside you headbang with delight. The movie, revealed by Deadline, will soon be available via Amazon Prime Video with some of the biggest rock stars ever telling why, at some point in their career, they’ve decided to get into a van and tour.The trailer shows some of our favorite rock stars talking about the experience of getting into a van with their band and exploring the country with their music. Their love for music is illustrated by the energetic footage of live concerts, while different voices echo how important it was, as musicians, to leave everything behind and bond with their band.Grohl‘s first feature as a director, Sound City, was also a reflection of his passion, as was his series Sonic Highways, which celebrated the rich history of music throughout the United States. A new documentary that brings his voice is already great news for fans of rock ‘n roll, but when we see the lineup Grohl managed to gather to What Drives Us, this becomes immediately a must-see.The impressive list of guest of What Drives Us includes Jennifer Finch of L7, Tony Kanal of No Doubt, Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Brian Johnson of AC/DC, St. Vincent, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, The Edge of U2, Ben Harper, Ringo Starr of The Beatles, Slash & Duff McKagan of Guns N’Roses, Ian MacKaye of Fugazi / Minor Threat, and many more.

What Drives Us will soon be available April 30 on The Coda Collection via Amazon Prime Video.

You can watch the trailer of What Drives Us right here:

And here is the official synopsis for What Drives Us:

“Directed by Dave Grohl, this feature documentary film is a love letter to the rare club of rock and roll, as well as an inspiration to every young kid who dreams of a life playing music. Dave was that kid. And so was Ringo, Annie Clark, The Edge, Steven Tyler, and everyone in between. The list goes on forever. While they all have stories— outrageous, unbelievable, insane, as well as poignant stories— they all share a common bond. At some point, before anyone knew their name, they had an unstoppable drive to share their music with the world. Their passion led them to leave everything behind, throw caution to the wind, and chase their dream. Nobody was promised anything, but they all had a plan.”


via Collider

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