‘Justice Society: World War II’ Gets a New Clip!! Check It Out!!

Warner Bros. Animation and DC have released a new clip from the feature-length Justice Society: World War II that sees Steve Trevor continuing his quest to convince Wonder Woman to say yes to his marriage proposal, which is revealed to be a daily occurrence.It just goes to show that it’s not all about the period-set superhero action, with character-driven moments like this a key component in the continued success of DC’s animated output, which has seen the company maintain a consistent level of quality dating back three decades to Batman: The Animated Series.Justice Society: World War II sees the modern-day Barry Allen encountering the Speed Force for the first time, which launches him into the midst of an all-out war between the Nazis and the Justice Society of America. The Scarlet Speedster offers an assist to the Golden Age heroes to tip the scales of the battle in their favor, as his newfound teammates try to figure out how to return him to his own time.

It marks the first movie from director Jeff Wamester, an established designer and storyboard artist who previously helmed 37 episodes of Marvel’s animated Guardians of the Galaxy series, while the script hails from Supernatural alumni Jeremy Adams and Meghan Fitzmartin. Stana Katic voices Wonder Woman opposite Chris Diamantopoulos’ Steve Trevor, with both having previous DC experience under their belts after the former voiced Lois Lane in Superman: Unbound, with the latter having been a regular of the animated circuit as Green Arrow in various projects.

Matt Bomer, another DC veteran who plays Negative Man in the live-action Titans and Doom Patrol, is lending his vocal talents to The Flash while the core cast is rounded out by Elysia Rotaru’s Black Canary, Omid Abtahi’s Hawkman, Matthew Mercer’s Hourman, Liam McIntyre’s Aquaman and Keith Ferguson’s Doctor Fate.

Justice Society: World War II is releasing digitally on April 27 before coming to 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray two weeks later on May 11, and you can check out the new clip below:

via Collider

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