New Seasons of ‘Cobra Kai’, ‘The Witcher’ and ‘You’ Confirmed to Premiere this Year!!

Fans of the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai, The Witcher, and You will be happy to learn that all three shows will be debuting new seasons later this year. Release dates are scheduled for Q4 of 2021 — meaning October, November, and/or December. The news was revealed earlier today by Netflix‘s Chief content officer Ted Sarandos during the company’s Q1 investor video.

Many popular Netflix shows have suffered from production delays over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Witcher and You are certainly no exception. Despite delays, the shows have persevered and will finally release new episodes later this year. But release delays aren’t the only consequences of the global pandemic as far as these shows are concerned. The Witcher had to recast one of its popular characters, Eskel (Thue Rasmussen), due to scheduling conflicts that the production delays caused.

Rasmussen made the announcement on Instagram back in September of 2020. He described stepping down from the show as “heartbreaking,” but expressed gratitude to his fans for taking the transition in stride and wished everyone on the show “the best of luck.” He will be replaced by Swiss actor Basil Eidenbenz.

The Witcher will be debuting its second season later this year, with You poised to do the same with its third season. Cobra Kai, on the other hand, will be releasing its fourth season on the tail end of a tense cliffhanger ending that dropped fans’ jaws at the end of Season 3. Per Deadline, Sarandos also took the time to announce the release of highly-anticipated feature films Escape from Spiderhead and Red Notice during the call.

As of right now, there are no specific release dates for any of these shows. All we know is that we can expect them sometime around the late fall or early winter.


via Collider

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