‘Little Birds’: First Trailer Teases Starz’s New Limited Series!! Check It Out!!

Starz has just released the first sultry trailer for Little Birds, a six-episode show limited series starring Ted Lasso’s Juno Temple. Originally premiering on Sky Atlantic in 2020, Starz is finally airing the series for American audiences. Little Birds was written and developed by artist Sophia Al-Maria. The up-and-coming writer switched to the film medium with the series, but is already attached to several upcoming projects including a biopic of Emily Dickinson.

Little Birds is based on Anaïs Nin‘s erotic short stories that follow New York heiress Lucy Savage (Temple) as she and her husband (Hugh Skinner) move to Tangier in 1955. Discovering that marriage is not what she expected, she attempts to lose herself in the degenerate side of the country, one that finds itself on the cusp of independence. Capturing her imagination is the wild dominatrix Cherifa Lamor (Yumna Marwan), who takes her down a mesmerizing rabbit hole of liberation.

The trailer certainly plays up the exoticism and eroticism of the setting and time period, allowing viewers to engage in the same hedonism and conflict our protagonists encounter. Starz seems to be championing erotic series that focuses on the female gaze recently, with series like Outlander and The Girlfriend Experience. Part of Little Birds’ revisionist tendencies must come from Nin’s short stories, as her 1979 book employed many pioneering thoughts, including the idea of both male and female complicity in masochism. This notion will probably play out through the character of Cherifa Lamor, as we experience our descent through the eyes of our protagonist Lucy.

Temple’s depiction of Lucy is sure to captivate audiences, as she is a wonderful character actress with a decade of experience behind her. If you look at her acting credits, she has starred in such high-profile projects as Atonement, Maleficent, Black Mass, Killer Joe, and Vinyl as well as the award-winning Ted Lasso, which was renewed for a third season.

Little Birds will premiere on June 6 on Starz. Check out the trailer below.


via Collider

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