‘Scary Stories for Young Foxes’: Lena Headey to Adapt, Star in Animated Miniseries!!!

Christian McKay Heidicker’s horror children book Scary Stories for Young Foxes is set to get an animated miniseries adaptation with Game of Thrones star Lena Headey voicing an undisclosed character. As Deadline reports, Headey’s company Peephole Productions will also take care of producing the adaptation, with Heidicker acting as executive producer.

Scary Stories for Young Foxes follows an old fox who tells eight different interconnected stories about two young foxes and their struggles to survive in a harsh world. Even if the book is aimed at younger reads, Scary Stories for Young Foxes deals with strong subjects, such as animal abuse, domestic violence and prejudice towards disabilities. Behind each individual story theme, Scary Stories for Young Foxes also discusses why we tell scary stories and how they help shape us as we grow.

To make the book even more disturbing, Scary Stories for Young Foxes uses creepy pictures, that mimics drawings made with charcoal. These images could be incorporated into the animated project, helping it to create a unique atmosphere. Especially because the goal of the adaptation is to be faithful to the book, including its most gruesome moments.

According to Headey, “kids aren’t daft, they know when we’re holding back the scary bits, so I’m so happy to be part of a great team to bring Christian’s book to life in a way that feels authentic.” As for Heidicker, the author says that first he was “worried that my book would be declawed — the scariest bits removed for sensitive viewers”, but now is confident that Headey will “elevate this project to a place of spooky sophistication.”

Scary Stories for Young Foxes will be co-produced by the Kids & Family division of Boat Rocker. At this early stage of development, we still don’t have a release date or distribution details. However, you can expect to read everything about Scary Stories for Young Foxes right here at Collider, as the miniseries production moves on.


via Collider

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