‘F9: The Fast Saga’: Vin Diesel Calls it an Origin Story For Dominic Toretto!!

Vin Diesel sat down with Entertainment Weekly on April 30 and discussed F9, teasing that the upcoming film was an origin story for his character, Dominic Toretto. While F9 is not a prequel, the actor confirmed that we will see some moments that took place before the events of the film that started it all, The Fast and the Furious. Diesel further noted that the newest installment is going to be extra special for the fans who have been following the Fast and Furious franchise since 2001.

Diesel even compared the approach to the origin of Dominic Toretto to exploring the backstory of a Dungeons & Dragons character.

“The whole world has this excitement about this movie coming out, but for those who have been with the franchise, it’s even more special. Because if you can remember the first movie, you are now going to go before the first movie and understand the first movie even more…that’s cool stuff. I’m a [Dungeons & Dragons] head, so that’s like origins stuff. To see family members you never thought you would have seen – it’s gonna kind of blow your mind. We’ve been wanting to know: where was Dom before he became Dom? Who were his influences? That’s going to be really rich with story, and a lot of fun to see.”

We know that Dom’s estranged brother Jakob Toretto (John Cena) is showing up in F9, and the two have quite a bit of tension between them, to say the least. It’s possible Dom’s origins that we might flashback to will include Jakob, and the audience could get a better understanding of why the duo haven’t been speaking for quite some time. Diesel also mentioned that there will be a classic moment from The Fast and the Furious that will be revisited. It looks like viewers will be treated to the Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) scene from the first flick where he loses to Dom in a street race and says, “I almost had you.” Diesel noted, “What’s so exciting about F9 is we revisit that moment from a different perspective.”

While fans are eager to see what’s to come in F9, the fact that there are two more films that will follow in the franchise has them buzzing about what’s coming next. Rumors have been floating around for years now saying the Fast family is heading into space, while some have also joked about a Jurassic World crossover. Diesel mentioned one thing he might want to see in the future of the franchise, which includes a famous actor no one would expect to show up in a Fast film.

“I guess if I were to think, where we’re going with the next chapter, Michael Caine? I might have found a way. You’re saying if I could have redesigned the mythology or added little elements to the mythology? I could have done something with Helen Mirren and Michael Caine’s character… played something out. I could have introduced something in the future.”

Caine and Diesel worked together in 2015’s The Last Witch Hunter, so never say never when it comes to the legendary Brit riding shotgun in Dom’s Charger.

Fast & Furious 9 lands in theaters on June 25. You can check the rest of Diesel‘s interview below.

via Collider

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