‘Naomi’: First Look Reveals Kaci Walfall as the New DC-CW Heroine!! Check It Out!!

Ava DuVernay’s Naomi has dropped an official image that reveals the first look at Kaci Walfall as the title hero in which she replicates an instantly recognizable comic book cover. The CW’s latest superhero series recently began filming a pilot with DuVernay producing.

Walfall proves to be a spitting image of the character’s comic book counterpart, while the rest of the picture works hard to pay homage to the 2019 comic cover. Despite only being in the pilot stage, the excitement is palpable from the creative talent involved. The story follows a young hero officially described as “an effortlessly cool and confident high school student” that isn’t afraid to embrace her “AP-student, comic book–loving nerdiness”. After a supernatural event leads to the discovery of her powers within, Naomi pursues her hidden (very superhero-y) destiny.

Joining Walfall on the superhero adventure are Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. alum Alexander Wraith as Dee, Cranston Johnson (Euphoria) as Zumbado, and newcomer Camila Moreno as Lourdes. DuVernay is executive producing alongside Jill Blankenship (Arrow) to bring the recent DC Comic creation to life on the small screen, while The Umbrella Academy’s Amanda Marsalis directs the pilot.

Based on Brian Michael Bendis’ recent DC Comics effort “Naomi: Season One” from 2019, the series has been a hit. Naomi recently joined DC’s leading superhero team in Bendis’ “Justice League #59,” the first of his newly-released run.

While it’s unclear if The CW will pick up the series, this first image is enough to get audiences excited about the potential for this show. With DuVernay working on the project, it immediately becomes one of the more intriguing projects in the works at the network right now. Check out the first image of Walfall as Naomi below:


via Collider

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