‘Castlevania’ Final Season Gets a Trailer!! Check It Out!!

The trailer for Castlevania Season 4 is here! As this will be the final season of the show, fans of the series are preparing to say goodbye to some of their favorite characters and with that comes the knowledge that it might not exactly be a happy ending for Trevor Belmont. Starring the voice talents of Richard Armitage, Theo James, Alejandra Reynoso, and more, the Netflix series has a unique style of animation and tone that makes it exciting to watch.

And the trailer for the final ten episodes shows us the fight for the head of the world and what it’s going to take to keep some sort of balance. From factions trying to take over to the fight to keep Dracula dead, there seem to be an action-packed ten episodes heading to us this May.

Castlevania is a show that has had a bit of a mixed reaction. It’s a highly stylized animated show whose story can either be hit or miss. But it does get to play in the world of vampires and werewolves, so what’s not to love? And right now, we’re worried about Dracula coming back to life and taking over once more.

While we only have this trailer to go off of, we got a little bit of insight into what is to come. The press release describes the final episodes of Castlevania as follows: “Wallachia collapses into chaos as factions clash: some attempting to take control, others attempting to bring Dracula back from the dead. Nobody is who they seem, and nobody can be trusted. These are the end times.”

We have a long standing history with tales of Dracula, vampires, and werewolves that are still fascinating to us now. What works with Castlevania is that it isn’t exactly PG. With the trailer alone, we can hear Trevor dropping f-bombs and frankly asking who in their right mind would try to bring Dracula back from the dead and can you blame him? Dracula has, for as long as he’s been a part of the culture zeitgeist, been a figure of fear. You don’t want to mess with Dracula and Trevor clearly wants him to stay dead.

Castlevania Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on May 13. It’s going to be a fight for the world and making sure that Dracula stays dead. What could possibly go wrong?


via Collider

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