‘Cruella’ Gets a New Behind-the-Scenes Video!! Check It Out!!

With less than a month until Cruella hits both theaters and Disney+ Premier Access, Disney has released a fresh set of character posters and a new behind-the-scenes look featuring Emma Stone. In the new video, Stone explains how much of a unique experience it is to play the iconic Disney villain, and presents new footage that shows us more of the fabulous and wicked world of Cruella.

The new video opens up to a scene from the upcoming movie, in which Cruella (Stone) seeks revenge. We are then presented to Stone out of character, talking about the movie’s setting in the late seventies, and how the script is based on a completely original story. Stone discusses what she loves about the character, and we get to see more scenes from the movie, as well as some behind-the-scenes footage.

As Stone puts it, “one of the most fun things to explore is her [Cruella’s] creativity. She’s very good at what she does: designing.” Stone goes then to explain how the process of dressing up makes her feel like Cruella. In Stone’s words: “The character is so much fun and so, kind of, intoxicating. Once you put this wild black-and-white hair and this incredible makeup and these completely unique costumes on, you feel like Cruella De Vil.” The actress ends the video by saying that “the villains are always kind of the fun ones.”

As for the new set of black-and-white posters, each one focuses on a member of the main cast of Cruella, with handwritten words presenting each character’s name and main features. We have Stone’s Cruella, “ruthless, relentless, ready for revenge”; Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s Anita “watching out for all the underdogs”; Emma Thompson’s Baroness, for which “arrogance is a bliss”; and finally the duo of Cruella’s henchmen, Paul Walter Hauser’s Horace and Joel Fry’s Jasper.

Cruella will release in theaters on May 28. For Disney+ subscribers willing to pay extra for Premier access, the movie will also be available on streaming on the same date. Check the new promotional video and posters right below.

via Collider

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