‘The Flash’: New Set Photos Reveals Jordan Fisher’s Impulse Costume!! Check It Out!!

Jordan Fisher’s debut as Bart Allen on The CW’s The Flash can finally be seen courtesy of images taken from the production of the show’s 150th episode. Additionally, the high-definition first glimpse at the speedster has Fisher battling several enemies at once for the special episode.

The Flash’s version of Impulse receives a comic-accurate costume that features the iconic white and red colors. The design itself is a welcomed departure from the typical leather/zipper approach of The CW, aligning itself with the Flash’s most recent, sleeker costume. Speaking of which, Fisher is one of several speedsters that appear in the photos as he teams up with Grant Gustin and Jessica Parker Kennedy as Barry Allen and Nora West-Allen, respectively. Judging by the first look, Fisher’s debut on the series will have an unforeseen impact on the storyline and serve as more than just a cameo.

Despite the resemblance to the source material in the images, this version of Bart Allen carries an important distinction from his comic counterpart. Instead of being Barry Allen’s grandson, Fisher will act as the scarlet speedster’s son. The father-son dynamic with Barry will be exclusive to the television series, but this isn’t the only time a live-action project has changed his backstory significantly. Impulse made his first live-action appearance in Smallville played by Kyle Gallner; however, the series grounded him in the primary timeline and removed Barry Allen altogether. The character more recently appeared in the animated show Young Justice, where he was once again Barry Allen’s grandson from the distant future, who ended up taking the mantle of Kid Flash after the death of Wally West.

The actor joins The Flash as the fan-favorite speedster that has a loyal fanbase, making his first superhero role no easy task by any means. However, Fisher is an acclaimed actor with a strong and likable personality who is really just getting started, so it’s doubtful fans will have a hard time accepting him with open arms. After making a splash on Broadway with roles in Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton, as well as live versions of musicals such as Grease and Rent, Fisher has been sinking his teeth into roles behind the screen, with his latest efforts being Netflix’s To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You and Work It.

The seventh season of The Flash premiered on March 2, with new episodes airing every Tuesday on The CW.


via Collider

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