‘Get Fast and Furious with John Cena’: John Cena Hosting New Weekly Video Series!!

If you’re a fan of muscle cars and guilty pleasure action thrillers, you’ll be excited to learn that John Cena is showing off some of the featured vehicles in the upcoming F9 film in a new online video series. “Get Fast & Furious with John Cena” is a multi-platform venture with weekly posts on both Twitter and Facebook that dives into the various cars we can expect from the ninth installment in this gigantic action franchise.

The first video from “Get Fast & Furious with John Cena” centers around the 1968 mid-engine Dodge Charger. Cena calls the car a “Frankenstein’s monster,” and “awful-some” – describing the vehicle as a combination of “awful and awesome” – and the 53-second video is full of action shots of the Charger, with a suspenseful teaser clip from the upcoming F9 at the end of the video.

In addition to Cena joining the Fast and Furious series, the latest film in the 20-year-old series will also see the return of Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana BrewsterTyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and of course Dominic Toretto himself, Vin Diesel. F9 revolves follows Dom trying to live a calm life with Letty and his young son, but his peace is broken when he has to get the gang back together to thwart an assassination plot from Torretto’s estranged brother, Jakob (Cena).

Justin Lin, who has already directed four of the films in the franchise, is back once again to direct F9, which will be released nationwide in theaters on June 25. New episodes of “Get Fast & Furious with John Cena” will debut weekly. Check out the first episode of “Get Fast & Furious with John Cena” about the Dodge Charger below.


via Collider

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