‘Welcome to Flatch’: First Trailer Teases Paul Feig’s New Comedy Series!! Check It Out!!

Fox has released the first trailer for their new upcoming docu-comedy series Welcome to Flatch. This half-hour faux docuseries focuses on the midwestern town of Flatch and the unusual people that live in this small community.

The trailer primarily follows a pair of rowdy teenagers who are seen playing pranks throughout the town and basically trying to keep themselves amused in a town with not much to dom.  Sean William Scott (American Pie, Lethal Weapon) and Aya Cash (The Boys) are two of the most recognizable faces in the trailer, with Scott playing the local pastor, Joe, while Cash plays his jilted ex, seen crying quietly alone in a park.

Welcome to Flatch is directed and executive-produced by Paul Feig, whose television credits include creating Freaks and Geeks, as well as directing episodes of great comedies like Arrested Development30 Rock, and The Office. This new series is also written and executive produced by Jenny Bickswho previously wrote on Sex and the City, wrote the screenplay for The Greatest Showman, and created the ABC series Men in TreesWelcome to Flatch is based on the BBC Studios series This Country.

In addition to Cash and Scott, the series will also feature Succession‘s Taylor Ortega, as well as newcomers Chelsea Holmes, Sam Straley, Krystal Smith, and Justin Linville. Fox was only able to produce the pilot episode before having to shut down production due to Covid-19. However, a full 14 episode season has been commissioned, and while Fox has yet to announce when Welcome to Flatch will premiere, the series was presented as part of its midseason shows for early next year.

Check out the first trailer for Welcome to Flatch below.


via Collider

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